"Accidentally" added 35 and 36 subports to "backport" python modules

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"Accidentally" added 35 and 36 subports to "backport" python modules

Mojca Miklavec-2

I though it would be about time to add 35 and 36 to all python submodules.


I kept in mind that some might not work immediately, but I forgot that
some are simply not designed to be used with python 3.6, like many
modules for backporting functionality from newer version of python to
older ones.

I thought that opening a PR would remind maintainers, but the number
of ports was above the limit to send any notifications out.

I would like to apologise for adding 35 and 36 to ports that were not
meant to be used with python 3.5 and/or 3.6. If you know of some ports
like this: can you please either point me to them or revert my
too-fast change?

Some of the ports with "backport" in name are easy to spot, but even
then it's not clear from which version the functionality is being

Thank you,