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contend that some of the referees may have given a 10-6 points in favor of Paez in the fifteenth round because of the three knockdowns. after the smiling and confidently waving to the animated crowd, Paez climbs up the corner ropes to wave to the crowd and flex his raised arms like he is the victor. Then he climbs down and collapsedly falls to the floor. He is exhausted but elated! Paez's Mexican entourage that is mostly dressed in white has already swarmed and packed the ring like it were an extended congratulating family. Paez again climbs the ropes. The congratulatory patting from the entourage is seemingly ceaseless! The two boxers Paez and Grove briefly hug and utter some friendly words to each other as they eagerly await the decision. The result, it is a majority decision in favor of an excited and emotional Maromero Paez! The IBF featherweight championship belt is locked around his waist and he is hoisted up, his arms flexing in the air in victory! Paez emotionally weeps, and in the opposite corner is a disappointed Grove with eyes covered by his right hand, with head hanging low. Jorge Paez Jr., just 8 months of age, is brought into the ring for his father to hold and display. Calvin Grove Vs. Jorge Adolfo Paez: The Second Bout Since the previous bout, Paez had fought an average Mexican boxer Miguel Molina whom he had previously, on July 28th 1986, beaten by points in a 6-round bout in Tijuana. On

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