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 The skin becomes sore, raised to a 3 millimeter lump, and can be red or pale pink. You may feel like popping them, but that might make things worse. You have to let them heal in their own time. If they pop, they are open for infection, Beauty Wrinkle Reducer so you have to apply antibacterial ointment on it. Adult Acne The most common belief is that only teenagers have acne but the thing is, acne can happen when you have reached full adulthood and it is normally brought about by stress and hormones at any age. It is mostly because stress hormones could cause existing comedones and impactions to break down, and then be inflamed which in turn develop to red nodules and postules. Body Acne Most people have outbreaks of acne on the face and are not aware of what body acne is and how it is different from the regular types of acne. Acne is considered as being body acne if it occurs on the back, chest, shoulders, and even the buttocks. The following are some details of body acne. Back Acne Back acne is no different from zits on the face, only they sometimes appear to be more cystic and vulgar. Genital Acne Genital acne is the same kind of acne you get on any other part of your body, only it grows on your genitals. This can be either annoying for some people or downright painful for others. They appear to be like whiteheads or blackheads on your genitals. Severe Acne These forms of acne need a doctor or dermatologist for proper treatment and care.

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