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eat it in moderation. This is one of your enemies. It contains free radicals among others, so please stay away. Do not trick yourself in saying : "I`m so healthy, there is nothing wrong with me. I like the fast food I`m eating, it gives me the nutrients etc that I need." Thats a load of nonsense, it is poison for your body. So stick to moderate intake. It might satisfy yo

Blackhead Killer  ur hunger, but definitely not what your body really wants. If we refer to healthy diets, stick to fresh fruit, vegetables etc. Drink less artificial drinks, and more pure fruit juices. Also, like mentioned out for high sugar intake, carbohydates etc. Follow this diet rather, than anything else: Low sugar, low carb and high protein. Very much like a body builder`s eating plan. Consume fruit/veggies with a rather deep green/orange or yellow(like spinach and carrots) Although, I heard that people say to watch out for the orange, carrots. That orange colour, pigment, is because of Beta Carotene. Some experts say that even this Beta Carotene isn't good for a yeast infection sufferer, but I believe this to be false. I would like to get some feedback on this point, maybe someone out there with experience(s) here!? Would appreciate any input here. Watch out again for the potatoes, contains starch which gets transformed into sugars. Also try eating a low-gi bread than any other preferably. Here is a list of some foods to avoid * Sugars/natural sweeteners and even honey
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