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appearance of stretch marks. Makeup Remover Eye makeup can be difficult to remove, the mascara and gel liners often get stuck on the eyelashes, despite thorough cleansing. Place a small amount of Aquaphor on a cotton pad, dab it on your eyelids and then remove to clear the makeup. The ointment can also help tame unruly eyebrows. Spot treatment with this ointment can shape your unruly eyebrows. Shines Shoes and Nail Polish If you are looking for a quick way to provide a touch of shine to your shoes, Aquaphor may come to your rescue, though the product has not been formulated for this purpose. Just dab a little bit and then spread, and rest assured, your shoes will look pretty attractive. The ointment can also enhance nail polish shine. Dab some Aquaphor on your nails to give a super shiny finish to your nail polish. Side Effects In mo Blackhead Killer st cases, side effects that may occur from Aquaphor usage, are not a cause for concern. Initially, while using the ointment, one may experience skin irritation, redness, burning or a stinging sensation. These side effects may be slightly bothersome but usually disappear after a few days. However, if you observe any abnormal changes in skin color and texture, you should immediately contact a doctor. In rare cases, an adverse reaction to the topical medication may occur, which manifests in the form of widespread rash, dizziness, facial swelling, and breathing problems. Did You Know? Kojic acid is derived from koji, a culture made by growing molds on grains or soybeans, in humid conditions. It is important to include chemical-free and organic products in our daily