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Most of the health problems for the animals, Bolan reports, directly or indirectly weight loosed to what you offer. Cows are force-fed corn and soybeans that cannot be digested. "I was forced to eat feed, and we make them eat grain," says Dr. who treats them. (P. 77, the dilemma of plant, animal and eat) Almost all cattle fattening, according to zoologists, they fed up because they cannot digest grains. The shooting of sick animals and then full of antibiotics, so they live a little longer - so as to get a little fatter before being slaughtered. Said Sunday cookout. Zytek XL  So yes, religion and Kathy right. Eating meat and fat from the bad of these animals are not good for you. Avoid eating bad meat and fat. Good animal’s grass-fed meat. Sponsored grass-fed animals. Pasteurized - but patronized this, my friends omnivore, you can eat. I. Grass fed animals allowed to forage and grazing in pastures - on the grass and other stuff on the grounds. Eat what they eat normally. They do not fire full of antibiotics because they were not sick. Good meat shopping tip: When buying meat, ask someone Meat: Do you have grass fed beef (or chicken sponsored)? If not, find local farmers. It will have grass fed cattle and poultry. Google local farmers in your city or to check out the local farmers on the Internet or at the local harvest Weston a Price Foundation. Bad eggs the same story. Do not eat eggs from chickens that are crammed together in the largest of any 8 and 1/2 tracts × 11 "paper, the whole of their lives.