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On the other hand the dismissive and fearful avoidant attachment styles distinctly observed in adults equate with a single style in children After reading this you would know what drives the way we manage the proximity in different relationships Can Elfie Addiction be Considered as a Mental Illness? This is a sulfide generation! Everyone is fond of taking selfish and posting them on Face book Twitter and Integra is there a need to worry about this booming NO2 Core ? 'Cause psychiatrists have linked selfish to narcissism and mental illness Guzzle finds out all about the sulfide addiction TAGGED UNDER: Internet Addiction Advertisement 'Elfie' [noun A picture taken of oneself by oneself with a Smartphone or webcam and shared via social media] was declared as '2013 word of the year' by Oxford Dictionaries The year 2014 was named as the 'Year of the Elfie' on Twitter Selfish have become a cultural trend.