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Pilates training can change your life It's Never Too Late to Improve Your Strength Flexibility and Fitness One of the most fascinating and fabulous things about the human body is that regardless of your age if you have a pulse and are still breathing you can change your body You may have habits that have created posture body alignment and health issues but with a little effort and the right Pilates exercises in your training program you have the opportunity to improve your strength flexibility form function and fitness Pilates training is one of the best methods to NO2 Core healthy movement habits for whole-body health Do you have pain or injuries and you don't know where they came from? Do you feel like your body has been struggling due to a lack of time tools and training for the past five ten fifteen or fifty years Don't wait until you are hurt to start investing time and money into figuring out how to feel better Everyone has dominant and weaker muscles Injuries or accidents experienced over a lifetime widen.