ezTalks video conference was awarded "outstanding software products"

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ezTalks video conference was awarded "outstanding software products"

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Recently, the industry's eye-catching look forward to the 2015 China's outstanding software product selection finally settled, the Chinese software industry association officially announced the results of the selection - Shenzhen silver Peng cloud computing company's products "Silver Peng ezTalks video conferencing terminal Software V3.0 "successful finalists, won the" 2015 excellent software products "title! This is ezTalks since 2012, the third finalists of this award, but also the first half of this year after the assessment of the international CMMI3 level certification, gains another super-national level of the award.

It is understood that China's outstanding software products in 2015 by the China Software Industry Association organized by the organization, which lasted more than three months of multi-round review, and ultimately to the industry, the community announced the results of the selection. "Silver Peng ezTalks video conferencing terminal software V3.0" after the initial declaration, expert primary, defense, expert field trips and final selection and other links, by virtue of their own product advantages and R & D strength was "excellent software products in 2015" Honorary title.

EzTalks video conferencing terminal software V3.0 using the world's leading H.264 video encoding technology, video resolution up to 1080P industry's highest standards, the system set "audio and video interactive, whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing, screen radio, remote Help, text communication, data distribution and conference recording "and other functions in one, and can support thousands of people at the same time, to achieve barrier-free audio and video exchanges to help companies significantly improve efficiency, while saving time and capital costs. System support iPad, mobile phones and other mobile terminal access, to meet the needs of a variety of business meetings and training, server and client installation convenience, easy maintenance, only 3 minutes to complete the arrangement, and reasonable use of limited broadband To bring the best condition. Business meetings, training, remote collaboration, business negotiations, etc., can be achieved through this system.

This time, ezTalks software products once again selected as China's "excellent software products in 2015", on the one hand thanks to ezTalks in the field of video product technology and core influence, on the other hand also benefited from the community on ezTalks Support and recognition. In recent years, ezTalks rapid growth reported fast, has won the "China Online Education 100", "Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu high-tech high growth in China 50", "outstanding software products in Shenzhen,", "video conferencing users satisfied with the first brand "" E-government recommended brand "," video conferencing software Almighty Star "," China's IT market, the most growth products "and many other honors, especially cloud conference products by the industry and market welcome, market share and brand reputation continuously rising.

At present, ezTalks video conferencing users have been around the world, more than 30,000 business users are ezTalks video conferencing platform for remote meetings, remote collaborative office, distance education, remote training consulting, remote securities stock, remote inquiry, remote monitoring, Remote access, e-government and other business, covering the government, military, hospitals, major institutions and training institutions, listed groups and the majority of small and medium enterprises and other fields.

As a pioneer in China's video conferencing industry, ezTalks always adhere to the technical innovation and product use experience optimization development, set off a cloud in the domestic application of the upsurge and lead the Chinese "cloud meeting" era! The future, ezTalks will adhere to the excellent products continue to force, and constantly update the core technology to help enterprises and efficient collaborative office, while driving the entire video conferencing industry development!

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