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In recent years, with the open development of the Internet, the emergence of a group of young entrepreneurs. Since March this year, "two sessions" on the development of "founder" was written into the government work report, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom began to sweep the country. It is true that the Internet founding in the project "hatch" under the hottest aura, but faced with many difficulties, capital, manpower, technology, resources, etc., the future of the owner who ups and downs? The emergence of cloud meeting, as they break the status quo of the preferred weapon!

Optimize the allocation of funds, cloud meeting into a guest must be artifact
As we all know, "create a customer" refers to the interest and hobbies, and strive to turn a variety of ideas into reality. For a large number of Internet start-ups, small micro-tech enterprises, in the early through the venture capital financing, with the start-up capital, however, it is generally faced with how to allocate the limited funds of the best problem, and manpower, channel resources Lack of a barrier to its development. Although there are a few people that, as a fan, run the money innovation is painful; however, the naked fact is that no money to support the innovation, it is more painful!

Start-up enterprises in the operation and development process, all the resources, projects need to communicate with the outside world, collaboration, business travel costs, equipment, such as the cost of investment will form a certain economic pressure. The use of video conferencing can improve work efficiency, save meetings, travel costs, to some extent, but also help to improve the growth rate of start-ups and anti-risk ability.

As a leader in cloud conference, ezTalks eliminates the need for a large number of hardware costs, and the SAAS-based on-demand leasing model is flexible and simple, with zero initial hardware investment and later free upgrades, reducing startups using video conferencing The threshold. Low cost investment, flexible expansion and other characteristics, so that ezTalks cloud conference to become a pioneer of the first choice for cutting costs.

EzTalks: solve the needs of diversification, the money spent on the blade
After the start of the venture project, in the face of the possible "money shortage" dilemma in the latter part of the year, many Internet users do not have to wait for policy support, but actively implement self-help, optimize the allocation of funds, with cloud meeting to solve the diversified needs, the largest The use of resources, the money spent on the blade.

Through the ezTalks cloud conference system, the creators can not only communicate with the conference anytime, anywhere, the relevant data reports and documents in real time with remote partners or investors to share, the implementation of remote collaboration. Moreover, but also to achieve product demonstrations, remote recruitment and other applications to help customers get more directional help, remote training projects.

On the one hand, the incubation project campaign and recruitment is no longer limited to the local, you can remotely through the cloud conference system across the country's talent, but also conducive to investment enterprises in a larger range of inspection, incubation excellent project. On the other hand, the creators can also directly through the ezTalks cloud meeting, online project or product demonstration, explanation, and skills training, powerful multimedia applications to meet a variety of needs.

Capital is more concerned about the entrepreneurial ability and their own hematopoietic ability. Cloud conference can not only solve the communication and collaboration needs, improve efficiency, but also can significantly reduce operating costs, to help create a business life "survival period" to seize the capital high ground. EzTalks believe that the cloud conference will be the entrepreneur "building dream" solid strength, "dream" of the right hand!

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