exiv2 build failure on Snow Leopard

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exiv2 build failure on Snow Leopard

Richard L. Hamilton-3
Log file attached below.

Further complication with the new exiv2@0.26_0: on El Capitan, exiv2 succeeds (the missing symbol being defined there in /usr/include/pthread/pthread.h, which doesn't exist on Snow Leopard), but libextractor fails with the new exiv2, due to the following (which isn't a problem with the older exiv2@0.25_0):

:info:build exiv2_extractor.cc:183:20: error: virtual function 'size' has a different return type ('long') than the function it overrides (which has return type 'size_t' (aka 'unsigned long'))
:info:build   virtual long int size (void) const;
:info:build           ~~~~     ^
:info:build /opt/local/include/exiv2/basicio.hpp:225:24: note: overridden virtual function is here
:info:build         virtual size_t size() const = 0;
:info:build                 ~~~~~~ ^
:info:build 1 error generated.

Fortunately, nothing I have at the moment actually needs libextractor, so I could just uninstall it.

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