[darwinbuild-dev] buildorder: unmet dependency loop for 9A581

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[darwinbuild-dev] buildorder: unmet dependency loop for 9A581

On Tue, Dec 20, 2005 Kevin Van Vechten wrote:

> darwinxref version '*' | sed -e 's/-.*//' > projects.txt
> /usr/local/share/darwinbuild/buildorder projects.txt ordered.txt
> /usr/local/share/darwinbuild/buildlist ordered.txt

When I try this for 9A581 using DarwinBuild (SVN revision 356), I get

Generating dependency graph... done
Aborting, unmet dependency loop
Remaining projects: (long list of projects)
Sequencing based on dependencies...

Does this mean that 9A581.plist is broken?
Or is this simply because not all projects have been uploaded yet?

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