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Re: Your source browser sucks

Graham J Lee
On 28/3/06 19:55, Kevin Van Vechten wrote:
> Oh sure, defend Solaris but not my source browser...

I was only joking, but it made for an attention-grabbing headline ;-)

> OK, so what I see is that it's "prettier" (i.e. enscript is run on the
> source files) and that there's source searching.  These features are
> nice, no doubt.

The source searching has been invaluable to me which is why I set this
up; I was getting bored of searching google for "symbolName

> However, I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for
> integrating a few of our requirements that this doesn't seem to address:
> *  Multiple releases hosted on the site:  10.0, ..., 10.3, ..., 10.4.5

That could be done by grabbing each release and storing it in SCM -
opengrok can act like CVSweb in that regard if the SCM repository is
local to the server.  I only didn't do this because it wasn't
immediately of use to me, but it certainly would be possible to come up
with a script which:

* rsyncs a given release from
* stages it into a temporary area
* commits it to a CVS/SVN repository with a message like "changes for
release 10.x.y"
* updates the opengrok source tree from SCM then rebuilds the tags

building this up would take a lot of time, it took the best part of
today just to build the tags for 10.4.5.ppc.  I'm not sure at the moment
how to handle x86-vs-ppc or apple-vs-od branches, but I expect it could
be done in the SCM.  And as I originally said, the real benefits of
using SCM (tracking changes/assigning blame ;-)) can't be used here
because we don't have that information.  But maybe tracking changes
between releases is enough.

> *  Download of complete source archives for each project
TBF that's not handled by any of the existing source browsers either,
but a separate rsync service.  A bit of sqlite magic can accomplish the
same thing too of course, using darwinbuild.

I'd say that the ability to see which project provides a given file on
the installed filesystem would be useful, too - has this and darwingrok doesn't.


Graham Lee
UNIX Systems Manager,
Oxford Physics Practical Course
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Re: Your source browser sucks

Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf

Am Dienstag, 28.03.06 um 19:22 Uhr schrieb Graham J Lee:

> On 28/3/06 17:51, Andrew Gallatin wrote:
>> Graham J Lee writes:
>>  > OpenGrok code browser from OpenSlowlaris.  I've just put it up for
>> my  Please don't insult Solaris.  It may be hard to use, but it is >>
>> far
>> from "Slowlaris" these days.
> Heh.  Having been running it from 2.7-10, the word's just sortof
> hard-wired into my brain.  You have to say "Stanislaw" before I type
> Solaris :)

Yeah, very sad news these days. I'll miss him a lot.

regards, Lars

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