Re: The man command sometimes freezes (with gzipped files)

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Re: The man command sometimes freezes (with gzipped files)

Vincent Lefevre
On 2006-03-12 16:13:40 +0100, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> I don't know if this related to DarwinPorts, but the man command
> sometimes freezes (man stty, man find, etc.). This is not always
> reproducible. A ps tree shows that the shell (either bash or zsh)
> has a single child: the man process. And this man process also
> has a single child: "gunzip -c stty.1.gz" or whatever.
> Note: I've installed man, gzip, groff and nroff as DarwinPorts
> programs (where /opt/local/bin appears before /usr/bin in my path
> so that these programs have the precedence).
> Has anyone had a similar problem?

This can happen several times for a same command before it works.
The problem could occur when the pager is started while decompression
hasn't finished.

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