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Re: [MacPorts] #48603: py27-astropy build fails with AttributeError

#48603: py27-astropy build fails with AttributeError
  Reporter:  skymoo      |      Owner:  robitaille@…
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 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.3.3
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      Port:  py-astropy  |

Comment (by jcfr):

 xref from

 > AttributeError: Distribution instance has no attribute

 Having faced this issue in a different context, the issue was most likely
 caused by the fact the installation of `setuptools` was done from its
 source tree available on and was
 **NOT** `bootstrapped` before being installed.

 Not that installing using the source distribution available on pypi does
 not have problem.

 To bootstrap before install, the following can be done:

 cd setuptools
 python install

 or if you prefer a non zipped version

 cd setuptools
 python easy_install --always-unzip .

 Omitting to bootstrap will prevent the file `entry_points.txt` for egg (or
 `metadata.json` for wheel) from being installed.

 Without that file, the following code found in
 setuptools/] wouldn't extend distribution object
 with the setuptools specific keywords:

 class Distribution(Distribution_parse_config_files, _Distribution):
     def __init__(self, attrs=None):
         for ep in
             vars(self).setdefault(, None)

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