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Ryan Schmidt-24
On Dec 6, 2007, at 20:45, Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:

> My list of outstanding TODOs for the 1.6 release is almost empty  
> after finishing what I committed  in r31774, directly to the  
> release branch: a rethought and rewritten postflight script to add  
> PATH and MANPATH settings as appropriate to the user's shell  
> configuration file. Please read the commit log and test the script,  
> reporting any findings you have.
> The only things that remain are selectively resyncing the branch  
> with trunk and updating the proper License.html, ReadMe.rtf and  
> postflight files in the files dir of the MacPorts port dir, for pkg  
> installer creation. I plan to use svn:externals off of the release  
> tag (once I create it) for the latter, rather than needlessly keep  
> on duplicating those files across the repo. As for the former,  
> selectively resyncing the release branch and trunk, I think there's  
> nothing outstanding other than working out the differences between  
> the postfight script on release and its trunk guise: on release  
> we're still tweaking user shell configuration files and in trunk  
> we're discussing James' additions to the /etc/[man]paths.d/  
> directories, so those two fronts will likely remain decoupled for  
> the time being. There's also James' "load" & "unload" new port(1)  
> targets, which James explicitly requested remain only in trunk  
> until further tested (which rules out the merger of Ryan's r31771,  
> which if I understand correctly is a regression fix against the new  
> targets). Am I correct? Anything I'm missing?
> Thanks for your help in getting 1.6 out ASAP (it's been delayed  
> enough already ;-). Regards,...

Yes, r31771 is just a followup to the initial implementation of port  
load and port unload in r31500. Let's keep this feature in trunk a  
little longer, in case more little issues are found.

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