'Python' license distribution ?

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'Python' license distribution ?

Chris Jones

I just noticed that the root6 port no longer seemed to be distributed in binary tarball form for the latest updates I pushed for it.

Looking at the build logs it appears to be because of

"root6" is not distributable because its dependency "py36-defusedxml" has license "python" which is not known to be distributable

which is a dependency it seems to have gained (via other python dependencies).

Am I correct in that the above just means no one has indicated if this “Python” license is distributable or not ?

It seems there are only two ports in macports using this license, the above being one of them, so perhaps no one has bothered to look into this before?

Looking at the license for the above

Doesn’t point 2 make it distributable ? I’m no lawyer but it seems to me like it does.

It would be nice to fix this, if possible, just to make root6 distributable again.

cheers Chris

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Re: 'Python' license distribution ?

Joshua Root-8
On 2018-11-9 09:40 , Christopher Jones wrote:
> https://github.com/tiran/defusedxml/blob/master/LICENSE

This license should be specified as "PSF" in the portfile.

- Josh