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[MacPorts] #57538: Change macports-legacy-support license to BSD

#57538: Change macports-legacy-support license to BSD
 Reporter:  ryandesign  |      Owner:  cjones051073
     Type:  defect      |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  Normal      |  Milestone:
Component:  ports       |    Version:
 Keywords:              |       Port:  legacy-support
 The macports-legacy-support repository is currently under the MIT license,
 but the rest of MacPorts is under the 3-clause BSD license. It would be
 ideal if macports-legacy-support were under the [browser:macports-
 base/LICENSE same license as the rest of MacPorts]. Is that possible?

 It depends on who holds the copyright on the code, which is probably
 whoever wrote it. If you wrote it, you can relicense it under any license
 you wish. But it looks like not all the code was written by you. Many of
 the files bear your copyright with the MIT license, but some don't.
 In src,
 getdelim.c, getdelim.h, getline.c, getline.h, wcsdup.c are under the
 2-clause BSD license, and
 memmem.c is, strndup.c, strndup.h, strnlen.c, strnlen.h are under the
 3-clause BSD license.
 Given that, relicensing the collection as BSD is probably fine, or even
 required; only the copyright holder may change the license, and since you
 didn't write those BSD-licensed files, you can't really claim now that
 they're under the MIT license.

 The files that bear your copyright have the year 2010. Is that correct, or
 is that typo that should have been 2018?

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