Introducing the BB++ Programming Language

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Introducing the BB++ Programming Language

Phil Bouchard-2
Hi WebKit,

You probably remember me as the author of Root.Ptr. It turns out I wrote
a new programming language called "BB++" to wrap the proper usage of
Root.Ptr, making applications as clean as Javascript but are as
performant as C++ applications and benefit from a deterministic memory

I basically wrote a BB++ -> C++ converter which in turn can be converted
to WebAssembly. Thus we end up with clean and very highly performant web

I have a presentation here:

And its homepage is located here:

Once again the 2 biggest usages of BB++ are / will be:

- To port existing Javascript apps to BB++ so we can convert them to C++
then to WebAssembly; this way web apps will run 4x faster than
Javascript ones.

- To fix all memory leaks in C++ projects by running the BB++ parser
over them.

Please let me know what you think.


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