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Intent to remove FileError

Tetsuharu OHZEKI
Hi WebKitten,

I'm not sure that we have a kind of this process,
but I think this mail might be helpful for some developers relying on
this legacy interface.

## Summary

I removed `FileError` as a web-exposed interface.
By this change, `FileReader.error` uses `DOMException` instead.

## Explanation

AFAIK, `FileError` was used in the earlier spec about 10 years ago.

And it had been changed to `DOMError` but it was also replaced to
`DOMException` in 2017.

Other browsers followed this spec change several years ago,
but WebKit is still exposing this interface.

* Firefox:
* Chromium:

Thus I removed FileError as a web-exposed interface in bug 213117.

I plan to remove internal usages for FileError.{h,cpp} in bug 213119.

Tetsuharu OHZEKI
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