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[GSoC] Progress Report

Zero King-2

In the last two weeks, I deployed pastebin upload from Travis and we now
have full build logs available on https://paste.macports.org and linked
in Travis logs. In some builds the pastebin link was lost, I fixed this
bug and a typo that caused failed builds reported as successful (Oops!).

I also implemented some core functions of the PR bot. As usual, code is
available in https://github.com/macports-staging/mpbot-github. The bot
can now notify maintainers and add maintainer labels but port maintainer
info processing is not yet finished.

Next week Clemens will help deploy the PR bot and I'll prepare the code
for deployment and fix bugs that pop up after deployment.

I'll investigate the list subports failure on Travis too. I strongly
suspect that it's the 'error deleting "...Xcode.plist"' bug. I still
have no idea what caused this delete bug and any help is appreciated.

Afterwards, I'll implement graceful shutdown or journaling (in a
database). I'll try to implement sending emails but I might work on the
review event handler first. The functions of the bots are described in

Best regards,
Zero King

Don't trust the From address.

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