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[GSoC] Progress Report

Zero King-2

In the last two weeks, I fixed a few bugs in the Travis integration.

* Fixed `git checkout` when `TRAVIS_COMMIT` is not HEAD
* Fixed port listing, use `git diff` with three dots
* Fixed typo, use subport name in MIME field name
* Fixed lint error when no Portfile changed
* Fixed detection of broken Portfiles

There are still some known problems:

* Some builds printed [ERROR] but exited with 0.
* Some builds failed to list subports.

These will not be investigated until the detailed logs are uploaded to
our Pastebin.

I had problems importing the database Clemens sent me but this is now

I also gained access to one of our servers last week and will deploy the
PR bot for macports-staging first.

I will implement the webhook receiver in the PR bot next week. Then I
will focus on presenting maintainer information in PRs first as Mojca

Best regards,
Zero King

Don't trust the From address.

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