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Mojca Miklavec-2
Dear Ryan,

Here are Rainer's notes about today's buildbot discussion and plans
for the meeting:

We would need your help with:
- debugging why emails from the buildbot don't reach maintainers / committers
- deploying the already existing jobs for automatically updating the
guide and www pages
- later on deploying the changes that we implement here

The top-priority hacking goals for the meeting will be:
- trying to do some reorganisation with port mirror/watcher/builder
- fixing dependency build order
- send feedback from Buildbot to GitHub to indicate whether a build
was successful or not (and to get links to the builds)
- trying to get building of variants working
(more info available in notes)

Please let us know when you have time for a live discussion.
(Joshua might potentially be interested in buildbot issues as well.)