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Announcement: System fonts port tree

Aaron Madlon-Kay-2
Hi all.

In case anyone is interested in installing system fonts through MacPorts, I’ve set up an unofficial ports tree here:

See the readme for setup instructions.

- What are “system fonts”?

Simply, fonts that go in /Library/Fonts, for use throughout the system in “regular” GUI applications. As opposed to the fonts offered in the default ports tree, which seem to be only for X11 or are not by default installed to /Library/Fonts and so aren’t “seen” by GUI apps.

- What kinds of fonts are included?

Mostly monospace programming fonts, and CJK stuff. Submissions are welcome.

- Why make this?

I like to keep my fonts up to date, and MacPorts is a great way to do so.

I asked about including system font ports in the default ports tree a long time ago on the dev list. The main problem is that it’s not “nice” to put the install files outside of the blessed MacPorts directories ($prefix, /Applications/MacPorts, etc.), so some sort of mechanism that symlinks to /Library/Fonts would need to be developed.

I didn’t have the motivation to implement such a thing, and I don’t really care about the "installs files outside the common directory structure” warning, so I just said “screw it” and started making ports that dump straight to /Library/Fonts.